Everybody wants to feel safe in their home. One crucial element of your home’s security is your windows. Since October is National Home Security Month, what better time is there to review the security of your double glazing?

Secured by Design

Secured by Design is a UK police initiative which is enhancing home security. The plan sets standards for different products like windows and doors and incentivises extensive testing. Therefore, the ideal way to make sure that a window is safe is to pick one with the Secured by Design pass mark. This means it’s got a number of security features and has been correctly evaluated.

Window security options

There are several different features of double glazing and windows which will improve their security. Your current windows might already have some of these. However, if you don’t have any of these, it may be time to think about updating your windows to a more safe and secure model.

Security glass
There are several different types of secure glazing. Laminated, toughened or security glass are all resistant to smashing. In general, though, safe and secure windows force potential burglars to break the glass, making sound and increasing the possibility of getting captured. Often a robber will give up instead of smashing the glass.

Locking mechanisms
There are different locking systems which offer security to double glazed windows. All windows available from the ground flooring ought to have a key operated lock.

However, more secure locking systems utilize multipoint locks and shoot bolt locks for improved security.

Internal beading
Internal beading is a method of fitting the glass to the frame. Glass which uses internal beading cannot be levered out of the frame from the outside. Because of this, it’s a more safe and secure kind of double glazing. Many brand-new windows have internal beading, while lots of old windows use an older style. Normally, this style does not have the exact same level of security.

Frame building and construction
The strength of the frame building is likewise important to the security of double glazing. Select windows with tough frames. Aluminium, wood and uPVC can all be really protected. It’s best to make a decision based on the quality of the frame instead of the product.

All these features of double glazing security are essential. So if you’re stressed over your windows this Home Security Month, double glazing businesses¬†provide lots of guidance about the security of your current windows. We like hearing from you– tweet your leading home security suggestions to us @quotatis.