The colour of your window frames can make a big difference to how your home looks. The incorrect shade will make your windows look odd and out of place, but the ideal colour can improve your property and make it look excellent.

Choosing a colour for your window frames can be challenging – it’s tough to visualise what colours will look like or even know where to start. To get some help, keep reading to find out 3 steps to choosing the ideal window frame colour.

Step 1: Decide on the look you want

Before you focus on colours, you need to decide exactly what type of look you want. For some, picking a window frame shade is about improving their property’s features. However, for others, unique window frames can be a great way to make a statement.

Be traditional
If you own a period property, you may want to choose a traditional frame colour that suits the age of your home. Normally, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings have bright, white frames and older, Tudor properties have darker browns or greys.

If you’d prefer your window frames to blend in with your home, try choosing neutral colours like beige, greys or creams. To get the best colour, try using a shade that features somewhere else on the exterior of your home, like in any brick or stone.

Go bold
Another option is to make a statement with your window frames. If you want this look, go for bold, strong colours that stand out. Paint your front door and garage door (if you have one) the same shade to ensure that your home still looks coordinated.

Step 2: Consider your surroundings

Once you’ve worked out the look that you want, be sure to consider your surroundings before you choose a final colour. It’s good for all the colours in your home exterior to work well together, but it also looks excellent if they match the environment around you too.

So look at your surroundings and see if you can select any colours in any natural stone, foliage or other buildings around your home to use for your window frames.

Step 3: Think about inside as well as out

It’s also important to consider how your window frames will look from the inside. If you want frames that are all the same shade, ideally they’ll match your home’s interior as well as its exterior. But if you’ve discovered the ideal colour for your outside frames and they look plain bad from the inside, don’t panic. Dual-coloured frames are a great way to get two colours you want without picking between them.

Following these 3 steps should help you choose the ideal colour for your window frames and make your home look fantastic.