Cleaning your windows is an easy and quick way to give your home a refresh. It won’t just make your windows look cleaner and smarter, it’ll also increase the amount of daylight that gets into your home, making rooms airier and brighter.

Cleaning your windows is tempting to avoid and easy to forget, so if you haven’t done it for a while then you’re not the only one. Follow our cleaning advice to get your windows looking shiny and bright in no time.

1. Prepare your windows

Before you begin with your cloth and cleaner, ensure you prepare your windows. Pull back any curtains or blinds and give your windows a thorough brush or hoover. This will help to remove any big bits of dirt or dust so you don’t end up with wet, grubby marks that take longer to clean off.

2. Pick your cleaning material carefully

There are many different products you can use for cleaning your windows, and they all come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Diluted vinegar is very popular and can give you shiny results. But keep in mind that, unlike other products, it’s not great at killing germs.

Soapy water is another easy and cheap option but can give you soapy, smeary windows if you’re not careful. And there is a range of different cleaning sprays disinfect and clean your windows. If you want a premade spray but aren’t keen on harmful chemicals, try an eco-friendly product like Ecover‘s window and glass cleaner.

3. Get all the equipment you need

There’s no set equipment that’s essential for window cleaning, but certain things will help. To begin with, you’ll need a sponge or a cloth to clean your windows with. You’ll also require something to dry your windows with. Popular materials include newspaper, kitchen roll or a dry cloth. It’s important to use whatever you need to dry your windows properly – otherwise you’ll end up with watermarks or smears.

Other items you might need include a squeegee, which will help to remove excess water from your window, and a bucket if you don’t use cleaner in a spray bottle. If you want to keep waste down, try using newspaper that you would buy anyway and can recycle afterwards, or cloths that you can wash and reuse.

4. Choose the right time

When you clean your windows is quite important. Try to choose a day that’s not too sunny and hot – you don’t want you window cleaner drying prematurely leaving smudges on your window. You should also avoid rain or days when there’s lots of moisture in the air, otherwise you might find it hard to get your windows dry.

You should also give yourself lots of time for cleaning your windows. Try to clean all of the windows in a room at once – if you don’t then the clean ones will look great but the dirty ones will look even worse.

Following these tips should help you end up with shiny and clean windows that make your home look fantastic.

If cleaning won’t do it and you think you need completely new windows, complete our online form. We’ll connect you with up to 4 double glazing professionals in your area.