If you own a home, it’s incredibly likely that you’re going to want to make enhancements eventually.

Windows are a normal thing for a homeowner to change, whether it’s to repair, alter or move them.

Nevertheless prior to you making any adjustments to your windows, you have to make certain that the work you’re going to do will keep in line with any relevant guidelines. One set of these is planning regulations.

Continue reading to find out more about preparing permission and whether you may need it for your window work.

Precisely what is preparing consent?

Preparation authorization is something you might have to obtain prior to you do particular sort of building work. To obtain planning approval you need to apply to your local planning authority.

When your regional preparation authority gets your application, their very first moving will be to examine whether the work you desire to do in reality needs preparation permission. If it does not then they’ll let you know and you can continue with the work. If you do need preparation approval, your regional authority will need to select on whether to utilize it to you. They’ll use regional and nationwide preparation files to help them make this option.

Whether you get preparing authorization or not will usually connect with the size and appearance of whatever you’re preparing to establish or modify. Your regional preparation authority will similarly consider its gain access to, usage and if it will affect neighbouring residential or commercial property owners.

Do I need planning approval for window work?

You do not generally have to make an application for preparing approval for window work if you desire to:

  • Repair or make little improvements to existing windows
  • Establish new windows that look comparable to the home’s initial windows

You similarly do not usually require to get preparing approval if you’re establishing new roofing lights or skylights as long as:

  • They aren’t higher than the greatest part of the roof
  • They do not extend more than 15cm from the roof

You need to ensure that upper-floor or roof windows on the side of your home are obscure-glazed, and either non-opening or no greater than 1.7 metres from the flooring level.

You may need to request planning consent if:

  • You want to fit a brand-new bay window
  • Your house or industrial domestic or industrial property is listed
  • Your property is on designated land. This consists of conservation areas, national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites

How can I tell if I require planning approval or get it?

If you wish to check if you need planning permission, you can get assistance from your local planning authority. Their contact details will be readily provided on their site. If you’re unsure who your local planning authority is, you can use the Planning Portal’s practical tool to find out.

You can similarly make a planning approval application through the Planning Portal website.

So now you know more about planning permission and whether you need it for your window work. For additional details on window standards, have a look at our information on Building Regulations.