Glass magnifies the heat in sunlight. This can make areas with many windows hot and uncomfortable.

Solar control glazing is a unique kind of glass designed to help solve this problem.

Solar control glazing has been available for a while but is mostly found in commercial buildings. These days, it’s much more affordable than it used to be, which means that it is more accessible to property owners.

What is solar control glazing?

Solar control glazing is a kind of glass designed to lower temperature build-up in rooms and buildings during sunny weather.

It is a great solution for people who want a cool home without having to block out natural light with blinds or fit air conditioning.

How does solar control glazing work?

Solar control glazing has a very thin coating on one side. This reduces the amount of solar radiation that moves through the glass by reflecting it back into the atmosphere. It also limits the quantity of radiation that does make it through and absorbs some of the energy.

Whilst solar control glazing is very efficient, it must be combined with other methods to reduce room temperature. Ventilating and shading a room when it’s not in use will work with solar control glazing to keep your living space cool.

What are the advantages of solar control glazing?

Solar control glazing has multiple benefits. Many property owners have spaces that they keep away from in the summer because sunlight makes them uncomfortably hot. This is a specifically common problem for people who have south-facing rooms with multiple windows or conservatories.

Investing in solar control glazing can help to increase the amount of living space you have during the warmer months and make your home more comfortable.

Other benefits of solar control glazing are that it:

  • Is efficient even in areas with a considerable amount of glazing
  • Reduces glare without excluding natural light
  • Is more durable and long-lasting than blinds
  • Is more durable and energy-efficient than air conditioning

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