Adding an extension is something that property owners are increasingly doing. As home prices go up, people are finding it more difficult to upgrade to bigger properties so are staying in the same property for longer.

Building a conservatory has plenty of advantages. Not only will it add to the amount of space in your home, it might also increase its value. So if you want a larger home, an extension will increase your space in the short term and might enable you to purchase a bigger property in the long run.

There are many different styles of extension available. Conservatories are consistently popular, and today conservatory replacement is common. But one of the biggest home expansion trends around is glazed extensions

Revamping or replacing conservatories

Within the last decade, conservatory refurbishment has grown. Conservatories have been popular for long enough now to mean that a large number need refurbishing. So while people are still building new conservatories, there is also a lot of conservatory refurbishment going on.

These old conservatories are mostly traditional styles, like Edwardian and Victorian. They tend to have brick dwarf walls and white, plastic frames. However, while conservatory repair is lucrative, there’s a new, bigger money-earner about. This is the glazed extension.

Building a glazed extension

At first, a glazed extension might just appear to be another name for a conservatory. That is, in the end, essentially what a conservatory is. But a glazed extension is any type of building that has glazed parts.

Products such as lantern roofs and bi-fold doors mean that if you want a glazed extension, you aren’t restricted to a conservatory. Instead, you can create a bespoke glazed extension to suit your taste. This versatility is the reason why the glazed extension market is so profitable. Many property owners jump at the opportunity to put their own stamp on their home.

So if you are thinking about adding an extension to your home, bear bespoke glazed extensions in mind. It might be that you want a conventional conservatory and this could be a good decision; conservatories generally look good with lots of homes. But if you’re feeling creative and want to go for something different, a glazed extension could be for you.